A Wonderful Review


Review of A Little Bit
of Blackmail

As an avid reader of romance novels, I should never have started to read, A Little Bit of Blackmail, at 8:30 at night. It’s now 3:00 a.m. and I’ve just finished this novel that contains smart, snappy dialogue, and a clever plot twist or two. This beguiling and richly rewarding story is highly entertaining,and is hot enough to satisfy dedicated romance fans who will care about the main character as well as the supporting characters.

Yes, it’sall about blackmail and stalking, but sprinkled with a generous punch of seduction.What happens when the one who is doing the stalking becomes the stalkee? Bonitz surprises his sexy heroine with a clever turn of the tables, and consequences she had not planned on. In reaching for her goal she loses her heart, engaging emotions in the reader that linger long after the last page.

RC Bonitz has written an engaging novel that is a step above most contemporary romances, and if this first time author keeps releasing books “I can’t put down” I will remain a fan.

Put the family to bed, make a cozy fire, sink into your favorite chair, and prepare to be entertained.

Shirley G Webb       

Author of The Howell Women Saga and the three-book Choosing Love Series

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