An Excerpt from A Little Bit of Blackmail

Here we go. I’ve modified my blog a bit so I could post new stuff and still keep that wonderful review in sight.  There are two new headings now- “Reviews”, and “Contact Me” which has my email address. I look forward to hearing from you. And now to the excerpts below. Enjoy!


‘”Hi beautiful. Waiting for somebody?”

She had watched him approach and wondered if he’d try to hit on her. He was a good-looking guy, with a smile that could light up the bar. Was he the right one though?

She sent him her best smile. “Sort of, but then again…”

“Ah, well, may I?” he asked, pointing to the empty chair across the table.

“Actually, that depends.” He was tall and dark and handsome, but he had a bit of a beard. Not a bushy one, more like a country music singer’s, small and close trimmed. That didn’t quite fit Jessie’s description, but he could have grown it in the last two weeks.

He grinned. “You’re waiting for someone special?”

She sighed. How many times had this happened? “I am, sort of, but I haven’t met him yet. I’m kind of on a blind date, you know?”

“That lets me out then,” he said easily, “I’m nobody’s blind date tonight.”

“Oh, too bad. What’s your name?”

“Jason. But if your guy stands you up give a wave. I’ll be around.”

Diane smiled again, silently regretting her mission of the moment. He was cute. If only the timing were different. Not tonight, though. She watched him weave his way between the tables to join two other guys. Dumb—she could have gotten his phone number for future reference. Who was she kidding? Things never worked out easily for her, though if she could do this tonight she could probably make anything work.

The bar of the Hotel Lauren was crowded with people, the noise of conversation and clinking glasses almost drowning out the piano player in the corner. Diane let her eyes wander over the place again, taking in the warm wood paneling of the walls and the paintings that adorned them. Unusual decoration for a bar. Prints by Renoir, Matisse, and other Impressionists made the place look a little bit like an art museum. Somebody in charge liked fine art. Or else they were trying to impress.

The place was cozy though, more homey than anything else. The chairs were comfortable and candles glowed on the tables, though the room wasn’t dark the way some bars were. Not that she hung out in bars a lot. Actually, she didn’t care for them very much, which was probably why she almost never met any hot guys.

She tugged at the hem of her dress and pulled the strap up higher on her shoulder. Again. Why had she bought such a skimpy dress? The black sheath was tighter than her skin, way too short, and way too low in back. And in front. She’d never revealed so much cleavage in her life. But, if you were going to seduce a man, prim and proper wasn’t likely to get you anywhere. Whatever, she was totally uncomfortable. Jessie better appreciate this someday.

Her sister’s humiliation would end tonight—or maybe tomorrow—once the creep understood what she’d do to him.

That was if she found him, and could seduce him and get the pictures she needed without her boobs falling out of the stupid dress before she finished. And if she got away from him in one piece. Five foot seven if she stretched a bit, with long dark hair and hazel eyes, her one hundred and thirty-six pounds of woman would be no match for a big man who wanted to grab her. Strong and healthy she was, but if he tried to hurt her she might end up in serious trouble. Everything would be fine, though. She was going to help her little sister. On the other hand, she could wave to Mr Jason Whoever and forget the whole thing.

She studied a new guy as he entered the bar. With his dark, thick hair, broad shoulders, and that fabulous chiseled chin, he was one good looking guy. No beard, clean-shaven; he fit Jessie’s description of the creep to a T.

If only Jessie had come with her tonight. All she had to do was identify the guy. After that she could have ducked out and left the rest of the deal to Diane. But of course, Jessie was working nights again this week and neither of them could afford to give up a paycheck. And her little sister wanted to forget the whole thing. Just turn her life upside down and let the creep humiliate her without even trying to fight back. Of course, if anyone but her big sister tried to help she might even listen. Jessie acted like such a rebellious teenager sometimes. Well, someday she’d grow up, hopefully, and in the meantime someone had to protect her.

Diane sighed. She’d already picked the wrong guy twice this evening. If she approached every guy in sight someone might take her for a hooker trying to heat up a little business. The bartender had already given her the eye. Apparently, the man took a serious interest in the posh reputation of the hotel. Ha. The creep she was looking for could give him an earful on that score.

This new guy looked like he knew his way around the place. He said something to the pretty young waitress and drew a laugh. Pleased with himself apparently, he smiled as he greeted Mr Worrywart Bartender, who was setting a drink on the bar as if he’d expected the guy.

The creep lived in the hotel. The staff seemed to know Mr Handsome, so that fit. He had to be Mr Brian Smith. What a shame. A guy who looked like he did should be a dream. Not a pervert.

Trembling with excitement and more than a touch of fear, she downed a hefty gulp of wine and almost choked. Her throat was as tight as the stupid dress. Palms suddenly slippery with sweat, she set the wine down before she dropped the glass. If she were going to go through with this, it was time to move.

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2 Responses to An Excerpt from A Little Bit of Blackmail

  1. Rhonda Lane says:

    Sounds like Diane and Jason are in for some surprises. 🙂 Heh heh heh … 🙂

  2. RC Bonitz says:

    Jason’s only surprise is that he just fades away. Oh yeah, she sees him once more but he’s a jerk. It’s the other guy, Brian, who’s in for a surprise.

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