A contest for 2012

Hi all- Happy New Year! It’s 2012 and I just completed the sequel to  A LITTLE BIT OF BLACKMAIL. It’s a first draft, so I still have lots to do on it, but I know how it ends now. There’s just one little detail dangling in the air- WHAT SHOULD I CALL IT?

Let’s see- “Book 2 in my Blackmail series is ready- The Sequel”?: Nah, that lacks panache. “The Second Book”? Yuck, that just doesn’t turn me on.

Why don’t you see what you can do? Here’s a contest for you. We’ll run it until January 20th. If I choose your title, I’ll send you a free book- your choice of A LITTLE BIT OF BLACKMAIL, which is out now in ebook form,or  a print copy of the same when it comes out, or a copy of  A BLANKET FOR HER HEART, which is due to come out in early February. I’ll also credit you with the title selection in the acknowledgements of the book.

Okay, set to go? Send me your suggestions at rcbonitz@gmail.com   or through comments on this blog. And, oh yes- the following is a thumbnail of the plot line- I guess you might need to read that first.

Jessie and Ike met in the first book and hit it off. In the sequel things don’t go quite so smoothly from the start. Ike had an alcoholic father and one night’s overdoing it by Jessie stops him cold. (She’s really not a lush.) But, her old boyfriend comes back on scene and she’s ticked at Ike, so she decides to take a sure thing. After all, she made a mistake by dumping Phil three months ago. (Or did she?)

Ike has another little detail to deal with. Naomi, who he dated briefly some time ago, calls to say she has a child. His child; and he needs to step up and take the baby. Naomi’s hooked on drugs and knows her days are numbered. She insists Ike must raise this little girl; no foster homes or things like that, but she’s irrational and Ike can’t find her. He’s worried; about the child, and about Jessie. He knows he’s in trouble with her and fears she won’t even look at him if he has a child. Why risk telling her when he doesn’t even know if the child is real, or if she’s his? He has to find Naomi and that baby.

Meanwhile, Jessie strives to get her life under control. Her record with men has been abysmal and Phil turns out to be a bigamist. Why was she not surprised? Ike is cute, but she’s done with throwing herself at men she can’t depend on. If only Ike were a guy she could trust, a guy who’d commit himself to a woman. But, every time she thinks something might develop, he disappears or does something weird.

There you go- Have fun. RC

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23 Responses to A contest for 2012

  1. Entry # 1 – Once bitten, twice shy

  2. Entry # 2 – A Sure Thing? (with the question mark)

  3. A little bit of Trust.

  4. Gail Chianese says:

    A Little Bit of Chaos

  5. bosomfriends says:

    Paternity Test

    • rcbonitz says:

      Hi Deborah- Very interesting approach. I’ve had entries that use the “A Little Bit of” but you’re the first to use “Blackmail”. Very cool. RC

  6. Stacy Dawn says:

    A Little Bit of Life

  7. lynn smith says:

    howdy, congrats to you being so smart and wonderful ! happy new year too ! i suggest a name like ” a new gratification ! “

    • rcbonitz says:

      Thanks Lynn. I’ll take any compliments I can get. Writer’s always wonder how they’re doing. (At least until a big check comes in- if it does) happy New Year.RC

  8. susan leech says:

    How about A Little Bit of Blackmail..Whole lot of HOPE? susan Leech garysue@dejazzd.com

    • rcbonitz says:

      Thanks Susan. That would be a very long title I’m afraid. Great idea though. Are you a writer yourself? RC (Bob) Bonitz

      • bosomfriends says:

        Weird, I don’t see my suggestions made just a couple days ago.. so I’ll try again.


        The second because at least two of the characters sounded like candidates for commitment. And that seems to be a central element, whether commitment to a relationship is in order.

        Nan Hawthorne

      • rcbonitz says:

        Nan- My apologies- They went into spam and I didn’t realize what you were doing!! Glad you came back again. You’re right about the commitment issue. Jessie doesn’t trust him or herself. Nice t ohear from you. RC (Bob)

  9. well there is a couple i could think of
    one black mail trail
    black mail back at it again
    blacks mail love

  10. Seems like you have a lot of choices but here are three more
    Blackmail and Other things
    Love and Blackmail
    On the Blackmail Trail
    The Way Back

  11. lOUISE says:

    How about ” A LITTLE BIT OF PAYBACK”?

  12. The blurb really showcases how assumptions get in the way of their relationship, so I’m thinking something along the lines of:

    A Modicum of Misunderstanding
    The Devil is in the Details

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at gmail.com

  13. kadry says:

    Very intreresting blog. It was very useful. I was looking exaxtly for this. Thank you for your effort. I hope you will write more such useful posts.

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