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We have a winner!

One of the first entries to come in, it stuck with me throughout the contest. Many of you used part of the title from the first book in the series, A LITTLE BIT OF BLACKMAIL.  One of you did that and made it A LITTLE BIT OF BABY. That was magic for me. The Winner is (drums and cymbals! Ta da!) —P. J. Sharon, author of ON THIN ICE and soon to be released SAVAGE CINDERELLA. Congratulations P. J.  And many thanks to all who participated. I loved the variety of ideas you came up with. And, PJ, contact me for your prize!

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6 Responses to Name My Book Contest

  1. PJ Sharon says:

    Wow, Bob, I’m honored! Thanks for the mention, and I do love that title!

  2. Congratulations to PJ, and you Bob for finding that special title. I’m anxiously awaiting the second book–because I absolutely loved A Little Bit of Blackmail. Marian

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