Welcome Jennifer Fusco

Jennifer Fusco is the author of “Market or Die”, a must-have Marketing guide for writers. Tell us a little about yourself Jen.

You have a full time job, a family, and have just taken on the job of President of the Ct. RWA. How do you make time to write?

Tight scheduling. I know I may have two hours a day or as many as four hours a day to write. I make the best use of my time. Being the President of CTRWA is easy because I have such a great Board of Directors and PRO liaisons that enjoy their job and take it seriously.

You began your writing career as a Romance writer? How did you get into writing “Market or Die”?

Very true, I did being writing in order to take a break from my marketing day job. I swore the two would never meet. Not only did they meet, they married. In April 2010, I did a small brand presentation for the CTRWA monthly meeting. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and find it useful. So, when we had a cancellation at the 2011 Fiction Fest, I jumped in with that presentation to fill a gap. Sarah Wendell of SmartBitches, Trashy Books attended my class.  She loved the presentation so much, she told me to write it down.  I did. The fact that it turned into “Market or Die” is all marketing.

Tell us a little about your next book. Will it be another guide to Marketing or will we see your first romance one of these days?

I really hope you’ll see my fiction sometime soon.  I’m targeting the end of February to get my Urban Fantasy manuscript over to my agent for his review. I like Market or Die because it’s easy for me to communicate what I know and, hopefully, help fellow writers, but I love writing fiction.  I never intended to write marketing books. It just happened.

              Why did you take up writing Romance?

I started writing without really intending to write a romance. My first manuscript was a thriller, but it had romantic elements. It’s a horrible read and evidence of how “green” I was as a writer.  I keep it because it makes me smile to see how I’ve progressed.

How did you learn to write?

Like a nerd I sat down and started writing as if I was Stephen King or something.  Luckily, I got help before I made a fool of myself. Online I found a wonderful group of independent editors – I was naïve enough to think my first manuscript had legs-(ha) called Inspiration for Writers.  A woman there, Sandy Tritt, was very honest. She told me I had talent but what she read wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go. I worked with them enough to sharpen my first draft to a place where I queried a few agents. Most of my rejections were form letters, if they responded at all.

The one agent who did respond recommended said I had “raw talent” and advised me to find a local writing group.  I found CTRWA and my writing improved tenfold from that point on.

If they were to make the story of your life into a movie, who should play you?

I’m going to say Reese Witherspoon because she’s southern, like me.  I hate actresses who fake a southern accent.

Here’s Jen’s official bio, the backstory.

Jennifer Fusco is the Creative and Brand Manager for the General Electric Company, North America and the author of the series, MARKET OR DIE, marketing books for writers.

A two time winner of the Advertising Excellence Award for 2010, Jennifer has launched successful national print and digital marketing campaigns. Currently, she is a member of the (ANA) Association of National Advertisers and believes brand building is a key to professional success.

Due to the overwhelming response Market or Die received from writers, Ms. Fusco launched a website, newsletter and a blog designed to educate writers of all genres.  She engages her fans and followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Recently, she was invited to guest blog on the topic of marketing for writers at the Apex Book Company website, the Red Jungle Mystery Writers, Nights of Passion Blog and at Savvyauthors.com

In her writing life, Ms. Fusco is a member of RWA’s PRO network and serves as President of the Connecticut Romance Writers.  She has completed two paranormal romance manuscripts and will be a monthly contributor to the Romance Writers of America’s RWR Report in 2012.

Born in North Carolina, Jennifer fills her books with wit and southern charm. Currently, she lives in Connecticut with her husband and young son.

Thanks for joining us today Jen I look forward to reading your first romance. RC

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