Sandy- another Katrina- without the body count?

We got our power back Wednesday night and had a little damage to our roof (nothing serious), so I figure we’re very lucky. But I watched the NY news today and the pictures shocked me. Parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island look just like the Ninth Ward of New Orleans right after Katrina hit. Complete city blocks are just piles of rubble. Blocks from the sea, big pleasure boats somehow ended up next to houses and power poles without knocking them down. People are standing in line for hours just to get a little food and water, and to buy some gas for their cars. On Staten Island,  an amazing woman described the losses she had suffered in the most accepting tones. She almost had me in tears as I listened. Some people complain they have no water to flush their toilet. Her neighborhood has no toilets at all while he NYC Marathon is set up with a ton of Porta-Pottis for the racers. That’s a typical snafu at times like this, but it needs attention by someone who can fix it. I hope Mayor Blumberg is getting out to these neighborhoods himself, talking to those folks and taking action.

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