Out of season- a poem

Today’s post comes from Cathy MacKenzie. The theme for this month is “Out of Season.”
When Cathy can’t come up with a story, she writes a poem; this is her offering.
She has two new short story compilations coming out soon, PAPER PATCHES and BROKEN CORNSTALKS. Watch her blog for this news!
Out of Season
Thoughts of you and me
Filter through
During the day,
At night in dreams

Remembering the past
I live the present
But foresee a future
No one can predict

I see how I want us to be
But overshadowing all
I know how we will be,
Mirrors dulled and cracked

Seasons come and gone,
We’ve been through them all,
Lived each one over and over
Sometimes too often

Many tears flowed
Other times not enough,
Few words, many words
Between the silence

Lies captured truth,
Normalcy not the norm,
Fingers did not touch,
Eyes did not see

Walking in stride
We left the other behind,
Hands waving goodbye
Instead of hello

Doors shut instead of opening,
Windows tightly closed,
Shades pulled to block the sun,
Keys lost.

Too many locked doors,
A cellar of cold,
An attic of hot,
Unbearable heat and cold

Our season is now,
Yet now is too late,
Apologies might help
But tongues are tied

We’re out of season
For spring,
Too hot for winter,
Too cold for summer

Dreams morph to nightmares
Dawning at day,
Reality haunts
Seasons of our lives.


The Spot Writers—our members.

RC Bonitz
Val Muller
Catherine A. MacKenzie
Kathy Price
http://www.kathylprice.com (Website in development)


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