Welcome to the Spot Writers. The prompt for this month is to write a story including the line “He threw open the door…..

Today’s contribution comes from RC Bonitz, author of A BLANKET FOR HER HEART. His latest book, DANGEROUS DECISIONS, has just been accepted for publication by REBEL INK PRESS.


Ring, ring.
The doorbell? Who in the world could be out in this weather? And at his door. His driveway hadn’t been plowed; the sidewalk was knee deep in snow.
Jim struggled up out of his TV chair, stuck the crutch underneath his arm, and hobbled to the front door, dragging the cast on his left foot across the floor… Damn nuisance, whoever it was.
He threw open the front door and stared at the Eskimo in front of him. Well, the guy looked like an Eskimo with his fur-lined hood pulled up around his head, his parka snugged up tight…
Up to his knees in snow, the guy gave him a beaming smile. “Shovel your walk, Sir?”
Jim stared. That voice. It sounded like… It couldn’t be, could it? “Are you a woman?”
She frowned. “Does that make a difference?”
“Well, no, of course not. I’m just surprised.”
“I need the money, so here I am. Looks like you could use the help, what with that cast and all.
“My plow guy hasn’t shown up. His equipment broke down.”
“Well then, I’m just the woman for you.”
Jim shifted his weight, stalling for time. Hire a woman to shovel for him? He’d never live it down. What would his buddies say? He shifted again and fell hard against the doorframe.
“Are you al—” the woman said, but a sliding, roaring sound cut her off as a pile of snow cascaded off the roof, down in front of the front door. All over her.
Jim stared, horrified. “Are you okay? I’m sorry.”
Up to her waist now, snow clinging to the fur around her face, she grinned at him.
“I was going to tell you. I clear roofs too.”

The Spot Writers- our members.
RC Bonitz

Val Muller

Catherine A. MacKenzie

Kathy Price

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