Welcome to the Spot Writers. This week’s flash fiction comes to you from Cathy MacKenzie. Check out her Author Page:

The prompt for this month: Opening sentence: “It’s still not clear what started it all.” Closing sentence: “What can be done to change that?”


The Bad Habit

It’s still not clear what started it all. Dave should have clued in at the start, however. When he returned home from the corner store with a pack of smokes, Irma was mad as all get out. Of course, he held a lit ciggie in the other hand, and he didn’t blame her for pouncing on him as if she were an old biddie.
“Whoa, calm down.” He pushed her away, immediately regretting his action. “Ya, I know I promised to quit, but it’s hard, ya know. But I promise. Monday for sure.”
He hugged her to his chest, trying to make it up to her. He hated that look on her face, like he was a failure.
Irma loved him unconditionally, never nattered or accused, but suddenly her eyes had watered and her nose dribbled. After years of his bad habit, the smoke had started taking its toll on her. He didn’t blame her for being upset.
Mondays came and went. Irma pouted. Dave smoked. And he enjoyed every one.
“Yeah, Irma, I’m hopeless,” he said one Monday, a cigarette dangling from his fingers. She stared at him, a perplexed expression on her face. He gazed into her big brown eyes, thankful again she was in his life but feeling guilty he never lived up to her expectations.
He bent down, patted her head, and swatted the brown hair from her eyes as if flies swarmed around her. “Yeah, I know. My bad habit. I can’t seem to quit, no matter how hard I try.” Dave frowned. “What can be done to change that?”


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