Welcome to the Spot Writers. Today’s contribution comes from RC Bonitz, author of DANGEROUS DECISIONS and A BLANKET FOR HER HEART. The prompt for this month is “Spring Flowers”.


Dangerous Decisions by RC Bonitz






Spring flowers. Little blue crocus’ popping up in lawn and gardens. Or are they purple? My age has brought on color blindness, or perhaps it’s due to sixty-nine years of diabetes, whatever, I can’t tell you whether something is truly blue. We’ve got yellow flowers popping up though too. I had the name a few minutes ago but have lost that too. And pansies, we planted a bunch of them the other day. Love the brilliant splashes of color. Unfortunately, rabbits love them too. The whole bed of pansies disappeared overnight.


Lots of things are disappearing lately. The arctic ice, calm weather (have you noticed how much stronger winds are these days?), various kinds of animals that need cooler temperatures to survive, just to name a few. It’s a good thing mankind is united in its efforts to minimize the warming of the atmosphere.


Oh, of course we are. Buying cars that generate six hundred horsepower, which undoubtedly burn gobs of gas. Producing such cars, well of course GM has to make big profits. I use that as an example but the disease if quite widespread. Electric companies in America that lobby to keep burning polluting coal, oil companies that drill new wells instead of moving themselves into alternate forms of energy, industries throughout China that pollute so much people need to be breathe through masks. And we have politicians who do nothing but call each other names.


How much longer will we have Spring flowers? Will our grandchildren see them? Will they even see a season called Spring?




DANGEROUS DECISIONS is available now. I hope you enjoy it. RC Bonitz




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