A Blanket for Her Heart

Available now! A Blanket for Her Heart is also available in a Kindle version.

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What readers are saying about A Blanket for Her Heart:

“I loved the beautiful descriptions in the opening of this book. And following Anne and Paul through their story was fascinating.. It’s a wonderful book and a real page turner. I’d love to see a sequel, to know what happens next.”  – Bess

“This recent book by a newly published author is fast paced with an emphasis on dialogue as the primary method of plot development. There is a surprising twist at the end of the story that is not often found in romance novels. A good read!” – Libby

“The man can write. It’s sweet to read about romance between older, in some ways fragile folks. Also, since I like gardens so much and the island of Newport, and also the book Prodigal Summer (the one Paul gives to Anne) there is much for me to identify with.” -Asheley

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