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I’m a busy writer these days, with four books published, one of them, DANGEROUS DECISIONS, jusr released by Rebel Ink Press. My writing began as a hobby, sort of, but even in the beginning I thought it would be nice to be a successful published author. Like many of us, the thought of writing a novel was there for me early on, but I could never come up with a story. Then one night I had a vivid dream that stayed with me after I woke up. That dream is now the prologue of my first book, A BLANKET FOR HER HEART. That was it. I was off and running

I spent most of my working career in the phone company, but resigned in a fit of insanity one day and bought a contracting business. Next I became a psychotherapist for a few years and now I write. I’ve never worked harder in my life or enjoyed myself more. I’m a member of wonderful supportive group of professional writers- CTRWA (Romance Writers of Ct.)  I’m currently editing my next book,  ONLY EMMA and will soon submit it to a publisher.

On the private side of my life I love fishing in a canoe and used to live (or so it seemed) on a sailboat. Guess you could say I like the water. My wife and I have five kids and twelve grandchildren who tend to keep us busy too. Maybe I’ll meet you at a book signing one day. Cheers Bob


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4 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Mr. Bonitz, The books and promo items you sent for the Tucson Festival of Books have
    arrived. Thanks for supporting our booth, and we hope it brings you new readers.
    Roz Fox

  2. J.P. Richard says:

    Bob, a voice from your past. Recently visited the Wilkies and they told me of your latest incarnation. Just finished A Blanket for her Heart, enjoyed it a lot and recommended it to my oldest granddaughter (one of eight) who devours romance novels. Wish I had your fortitude for a novel but so far just publishing in Six Sentences and writing assorted little stories for the grandkids. My best to Karen. Mary passed away about 1 1/2 years ago. J.P.

  3. Thank you, Bob, for the opportunity to be interviewed on your great site!

    Elaine Violette

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