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Megan is your typical twenty-something-year-old history teacher, except she has a very wealthy “live-in” boyfriend, Doug. Not that you would know it based on how often he is around. Although Megan doesn’t realize it at first, she doesn’t love Doug and only stays with him because he has threatened to take custody of their amazing daughter, Jordan. A very unhappy circumstance thrusts Wade Rivers into Megan’s life, which might just be the push Megan needs to take a second look at her “relationship” with Doug. As Megan starts to develop feelings toward Wade, she learns more about the man she has been living with for the past four or five years. Will fear of losing her daughter keep her from leaving a man she doesn’t love? Can she love Wade after everything she has learned?

Dangerous Decisions fits the romance genre to a T. There is drama and suspense, but there is also happiness and passion strategically placed throughout. The story is set in New England just before summer break. The characters all have a very realistic feel to them and are easy to relate with as you read. RC Bonitz writes in the third person, changing perspectives as needed throughout the story, which helps create suspense and further develop the storyline.

Speaking of storyline – this one is pretty great! The story started off cute as the reader is introduced to Megan and Jordan, but takes a dramatic turn to a tear-jerking incident. If you cry easily, you will want tissues! I was upset with the direction the story went, but quickly recovered as Bonitz used the tragic event to push the characters together and introduce the fun and quirky interactions between Wade, Jordan, and Megan. After that point, there is a lot of twists and turns as Megan tries to find her voice and decide what she wants to do with her life and Jordan’s. I was extremely disappointed when the story ended. I could have read about Wade and Megan for at least 100 more pages! Here’s to hoping that there is a sequel.

I would definitely recommend this book to any romance fanatic! As with any romance novel, there is talk of sex and some inappropriate language, so mature readers are preferable. Bonitz does a good job leaving erotic scenes to the imagination. S/he sticks with the traditional “…” type of ending during those scenes. I think this is a perfect fit for the book since the overall feel of it is very light and quirky. There is an added bonus for the dog-loving romance fanatic with an added storyline that weaves throughout the romantic life of Megan involving her dogs (don’t want to give too much away).

In my opinion, the message to the readers is about not just standing up for yourself, but standing up for others. The story takes readers on Megan’s journey to realizing her feelings toward Doug and their relationship, as well as her feelings toward Wade and her thoughts on the possibility of a future together. It is clear from the first chapter that Doug has made threats to Megan and that she is afraid of him or intimidated by him. Even as she learns more about his dark side, she is torn because of her loyalty to him as her daughter’s father. Readers can relate to her journey to empowerment. Similarly, Wade quickly picks up on Megan’s sadness during their first encounter and her fear of her boyfriend. He is determined to make sure that nothing ever happens to her, but the reason why is completely unexpected (can’t tell; you don’t find out until the end). This book has a great message for people in abusive relationships and friends/family that suspect or know someone is in an abusive relationship.

The novel appears to be self-published with a generic cover and a few mechanical errors. I noted some awkward phrasing at times, some missing periods, etc. There were not enough errors that really detracted from the reading, but another revision could help give it a polished presentation. For a self-published book, I am really impressed with the quality that was presented and I don’t have much to complain about. I would strongly encourage an “About the Author” section though! I was really disappointed that I was unable to find any information anywhere about this author. I confidently give Dangerous Decisions by RC Bonitz 4 out of 4 stars!



An enjoyable story!, October 3, 2015
This review is from: Dangerous Decisions (Kindle Edition)
Great story…an enjoyable way to spend a rainy day! Easy, fun read that keeps you turning the pages. I don’t read that many romance novels but gave this one a try. Engaging characters and a good story line especially if if you also happen to be a dog lover!
A wonderful way to spend an evening curled up with a good book.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Little Bit of Blackmail

A Little Bit of Blackmail by RC Bonitz. I was turned onto this book by a woman from Google+. She asked me to review the book and I agreed. I know nothing about the author or any of his other works. I really liked this title. It is intriguing. It definitely got me interested in the book. I was really excited to read it.The book starts off with the main character, Diane going to a bar. She is looking for Brain Smith. He is supposedly this rich man who took advantage of her little sister. Diane goes to the bar and waits for him. When the man she thinks is Brian arrives she strolls over and starts up a conversation. She seduces him into renting a room at the hotel and then go up. She goes into the bathroom and waits and gets her camera set up. She is hoping that he will be naked. Brian Smith took naked photos of her sister and posted them all over his blog.Turns out when she snaps the photos, Brian is still fully clothed. She runs away, depressed that her plan to avenge her sister failed. Well, Brian Smith wants to know what is going on. He looks into Diane and finds her. He is a rich man and owns many hotels. All he had to do was look into the video surveillance.

Without giving away the full story, Brian becomes intrigued by Diane. She is beautiful but also strong and independent. He claims that he isn’t the “Brian Smith” Diane accuses him of. His goal is to set it all right. He wants to help out Diane’s sister but also win Diane over.

The writing in this novel was great! I thought that the author did a great job between switching between point of views. A lot of times I see that authors go from one character to the next and it ends up confusing. That didn’t happen in this book. The author took on Diane, Brian, Ike and Diane’s sisters views. This definitely helped me view the characters deeper.

I really thought the characters were spot on and believable. A lot of times characters come off one dimensional and fake. I loved Brian. He was completely into Diane in such a beautiful way. He truly loved her. I really felt like Brian was trustworthy, successful but also had a great heart. I loved the scene with his father at the end. Heartwarming. I also liked Diane which sometimes is hard. She didn’t come off whiny to me. She was independent and after learning the back story about her mother, I found her genuinely likable.

The story was completely unique. I never have read a romance novel like this. I thought that the ploy to get revenge and how Brian had to win her trust from the get go was really great. It made the novel very original I liked the add on characters as well. I liked Ike a lot. He was funny.

The one negative I have to say is that it was quite short. I wanted to read more! I think the author could have gone into a little more detail at times. I feel like the end scene was cut short. They could have gone deeper. I would have liked to see some more of that. I also thought that their relationship should have spanned a little longer. But that’s just nitpicking.

I give this book an A-. The writing was great, I found few errors. I liked the flow of the book. It was up to speed. I think the major issue for me was the length. I read the book in one sitting at work, maybe a couple hours. I would have liked a little bit more once they got into their relationship. I really enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more from this author. Very authentic and believable story!

Posted by Taylor Lavati at 4:49 PM

Posted on July 30, 2012 by Val

Book Review: A Blanket for Her Heart by RC Bonitz

This is a sweet romance involving two middle-aged characters who carry their own baggage. The main female, Anne, has only one hand—she lost it in an accident caused by her alcoholic mother years back. Her past has left her scarred—both literally and emotionally—to the point that she has become a recluse, finding comfort in the solitude of her house, her garden, and her furniture restoration workshop. Paul, the male protagonist, has a heart-breaking past all his own (I won’t ruin surprises here). The two meet after Paul has a bicycle accident near Anne’s house. ..

I won’t include any spoilers, but I’ll only say that I enjoyed the book even though some of the characters frustrated me. But that is the mark of a good book: no one in the world is perfect, and these characters’ flaws made them three-dimensional and real.

..I enjoyed the use of alternating perspectives to provide a better understanding of Anne, Paul, and some of the other characters, as well as to add suspense.  I also enjoyed the many foil characters, designed to show us (and Anne) the different ways of living; the symbols and character histories designed to enrich our understanding of the plot; and the full-circle ending (which I will not spoil). I will note that the ending took guts to write, but it fit the rest of the story well. The book is well-written and a fast read. It’s a book full of drama…. and sweet romance that never becomes annoying or unbelievable.

AMAZON      Barnes&Noble     Silver

Another Great Review of A Little Bit of Blackmail – posted on B&N

It has been a long time since I picked up a book I couldn’t put down. A Little Bit of Blackmail grabbed me from the first page and I couldn’t put it down. The story, the romance and the suspense carried me right through to the end. And I was still looking for more. I can’t wait for the sequel. Excellent debut book from R.C. Bonitz

A Wonderful Review of A Little Bitof Blackmail

As an avid reader of romance novels, I should never have started to read, A Little Bit of Blackmail, at 8:30 at night. It’s now 3:00 a.m. and I’ve just finished this novel that contains smart, snappy dialogue, and a clever plot twist or two. This beguiling and richly rewarding story is highly entertaining,and is hot enough to satisfy dedicated romance fans who will care about the main character as well as the supporting characters.

Yes, it’sall about blackmail and stalking, but sprinkled with a generous punch of seduction.What happens when the one who is doing the stalking becomes the stalkee? Bonitz surprises his sexy heroine with a clever turn of the tables, and consequences she had not planned on. In reaching for her goal she loses her heart, engaging emotions in the reader that linger long after the last page.

RC Bonitz has written an engaging novel that is a step above most contemporary romances, and if this first time author keeps releasing books “I can’t put down” I will remain a fan.

Put the family to bed, make a cozy fire, sink into your favorite chair, and prepare to be entertained.

Shirley G Webb       

Author of The Howell Women Saga and the three-book Choosing Love Series

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